Our Story

Emily, Jake & Julie
Emily, Jake aka "Jake Stink Butt" & Julie
What is your passion outside of daily life? Do you love new experiences? Do you strive to constantly do or see something for the first time? That is our modus operandi when planning a new adventure. Whether we’re hiking, wake surfing, cycling, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, or just sitting by the campfire we always enjoy a road trip together to that next new experience.
Julie has worked in the hospitality and events industry for approximately 30 years, and of that time, has owned her own corporate event business for 16 years. As with many people, Julie felt a significant impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and because of that, she decided to leave the industry she loved so much to explore new roads.
Emily is currently in her final year of her Bachelor of Arts degree. Emily has grown up with access to the beautiful outdoors and shares her mother’s love of cottage country. The pair enjoy hiking, camping, and adventuring together when Emily has breaks from school.
Jake aka “Jake Stink Butt” is a 14 years old blue merle/sable Shetland Sheepdog who loves boat rides and just standing in the lake, cause anything deeper would mess up his “Fabio” hair-do.
The mother-daughter duo wanted to create something together that communicated their love of cottage country and the hundreds of lakes and rivers within it. As long time-cottagers of the Parry Sound region with the family, they wanted to offer quality products that would be useful on their own adventures and to like-minded adventurists like themselves… so LākLife was born.